So, is this funny - or is it horrible?

A lot of people have seen this on social media and thought it was real. It's not. It was put together by a guy in New York who calls himself "Adam the Creator". But, enough people got mad at Fisher-Price on their Facebook page that Fisher-Price had to put out a statement about them not having any connection to this. Looks pretty real, huh?

I'll never forget watching the original "Home Alone" movie on TV one Christmas, years ago, at my parents' home, when my mom (who had just retired as an elementary school teacher) came into the room. We we're all laughing, but my mom saw it as a disturbing movie and didn't like seeing a child in that situation. I think she'd seen some kids in bad home situations in her time as a teacher and the movie must have reminded her of some of those kids. I wonder if that's what happened here.

Or, is it that "fake news' has confused everybody about what's real anymore?

All I know is - somewhere my mom is looking down at this and saying, "Oh, no, no, no."

But - that kid behind the "bar" is priceless.


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