All real Americans love Star Wars movies. And breakfast.

With the opening of the latest Star Wars movie, "Rogue One", new fans will be added to the list that's grown for the last 40 years. And since everybody has to eat breakfast, what better way to celebrate both, than to have food in the shape of Star Wars characters?

"What?!", you say. "Is that even possible?" Yes, dear reader, because you live in the greatest era of marketing in history. According to the web site,, there are now Star Wars toasters and Death Star waffle makers and light saber drink mixers.

This morning we discussed some of the ways you can celebrate Star Wars at breakfast with America's newest Star Wars fan - Stephanie's mom, Rita. The takeaway? Delicious and fun, breakfast can be.

The following is the article I referenced this morning. Come with me. And bring your credit card. Just click here.


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