We all want our kids to receive the best education possible, right?

What that looks like is going to differ greatly from parent to parent, student to student, and community to community.

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After evaluating data from hundreds of school districts throughout Michigan, the national school ratings website Niche has determined the state's top 10 school districts.

What Makes a School District Great?

Niche's rankings reflect reviews and survey responses from students and parents alike, along with a variety of other governmental data.

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All Michigan school districts were measured on these criteria:

  • Academics
  • Teachers
  • Clubs and Activities
  • Sports
  • Resources and Facilities
  • Diversity
  • College Prep
  • Administration
  • Food
Photo via Unsplash (Megan Lee)
Photo via Unsplash (Megan Lee)

Student proficiencies in reading and math across each district were considered, as well as each district's graduation rate, and standardized test scores.

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The rankings also consider how much each district spends per student, and where that money's going; i.e. instruction, support services, or other expenditures.

What Are the Best School Districts in Michigan?

Niche gives A+ rankings to a total of 22 school districts in Michigan. Most - but not all - of them are in the Lower Peninsula, and near one of the state's biggest population centers such as Detroit, Grand Rapids or Lansing. (The ratings of the school districts actually in the state's biggest cities weren't as good.)

Take a look and see whether your school district is among the 10 best in Michigan, according to Niche.

Michigan's Top 10 School Districts

The national school ratings website Niche has determined that these are Michigan's top 10 school districts in 2024.

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