Schools are in incredibly important aspect of our community and our lives.

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We send our children to them for many hours a day, multiple days a week, so that they may learn. Curriculum, friendship, and many more things.

Schools also place a huge role in where we choose to live, so that we might give our kids the best opportunity possible by going to the best schools.

Best Places to Teach in Michigan

So much emphasis is put on schools and how well they rate for our children. And don't get me wrong, that's incredibly important. But let's take a moment to think about our schools and how they rate for our teachers.

Teachers are a critically important yet vastly underappreciated role to play in our society. they're helping to shape our children and our future. So, it's important that teachers have a good school experience too, right?

We want teachers that feel supported, both by school staff and parents. We want teachers that are paid appropriately. And finally, we want teachers to be able to enjoy their jobs by making sure they have the supplies they need.

All of these things makes for a great school to work for.

When we take a look at Michigan, we already know which 10 public high schools are the best. And thanks to Niche, we also now know which schools in Michigan are the best for teachers. Take a look through the list below. And if you know a teacher who's looking for a good job, maybe point them to this list.

Here are the 15 best places to teach in Michigan. One Ingham County School makes the list!

15. Ingham Intermediate School District in Mason

Student-teacher ratio 25:1, Average teacher salary $49,686

14. Woodhaven-Brownstown School District in Woodhaven

Student-teacher ratio 21:1, Average teacher salary $67,879

13. Sanilac Independent School District in Peck

Student-teacher ratio 14:1, average teacher salary $58,630

12. Troy School District in Troy

Student-teacher ratio 18:1, Average teacher salary $72, 761

11. Bloomfield Hills Schools in Bloomfield Hills

Student-teacher ratio 14:1, Average teacher salary $75,603

10. Mecosta-Osceola Independent School District in Big Rapids

Student-teacher ratio 12:1, Average teacher salary $55,267

9. Grosse Pointe Public School System in Grosse Pointe Woods

Student-teacher ratio 17:1, Average teacher salary $75, 240

8. Huron Independent School District in Bad Axe

Student-teacher ratio 12:1, Average teacher salary $50,249

7. Copper Country Independent School District in Hancock

Student-teacher ratio 10:1, Average teacher salary $33,919

6. New Buffalo Area Schools in New Buffalo

Student-teacher ratio 12:1, Average teacher salary $66,462

5. Van Buren Independent School District in Lawrence

Student-teacher ratio 6:1, Average teacher salary $46,473

4. Tuscola Independent School District in Caro

Student-teacher ratio 12:1, Average teacher salary $64,334

3. Northville Public Schools in Northville

Student-teacher ratio 20:1, Average teacher salary $80,138

2. Detour Area Schools in De Tour Village

Student-teacher ratio 9:1, Average teacher salary $127, 510

1. St. Joseph County Intermediate School District in Centerville

Student-teacher ratio 18:1, Average teacher salary $54, 452

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