There are 518 school districts in Michigan. Of those, based on Census information and according to, there are 67 where the median income is at least $90,000 for families with children under 18. Where does your district fall in the rankings? You can look it up on this link.

Or, you can scroll through the following story and see just the top 67 districts. These are just the districts with the highest family income. It doesn't mean they're the best academically. Number one? Congratulations to the Northville Mustangs of the Northville School District in Wayne County. (Kids - when you go off to college, look for a roommate from Northville. Spring Break will be so much better)

In the Mid-Michigan area, we made a decent showing on the list but it looks like Williamston is tops, even though at #17, they're no match for the districts in Wayne County and Oakland County. And just making the list at #67 is the Laingsburg district.



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