Back at the end of August, my husband and I went to the Capital Area Humane Society with the intention to adopt a doggo. Sadly, it wasn't meant to be. But, there was a silver lining that day in the form of a little black kitten named Memphis. We ended up adopting Memphis that day, and we've been a little trio ever since. As amazing as that trio was, we still wanted a doggo, and I'm happy to say, we found our newest family member!

Meet the newest Wittle Family Member, and the latest member of the Matthews' household; Cece Matthews! She's a goofy two year old pupper that we adopted from the Capital Area Humane Society. She loves to play, and we learned very quickly how much --one of the toys in these pictures was destroyed with 24 hours.

Right now, we're keeping Memphis and Cece apart, with small, heavily supervised "visits" until they can get used to being in each other's space. I anticipate cute unlikely best friend pictures on the horizon, though. But, for the time being, just enjoy these goofy pictures of my dog, Cece!

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