The Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island was just named the 2015 Best Historical Resort. I find it hard to believe, but, according to, this is the first time they've received the award. And this season, the Grand Hotel will be open until November 2nd, making it their longest season ever and the first time they've been open for Halloween.

If that's not big enough news for you, this weekend is their "Somewhere in Time" weekend. If you have never seen "Somewhere In Time", it's a romance/time travel movie from 1980 starring Jane Seymour and Christopher Reeves. I believe it's Michigan state law that you have to watch "Somewhere In Time" at least once if you're a resident of Michigan - or they deport you to Ohio. And this weekend, for only the third time, Jane Seymour will make an appearance and sign autographs during the event.

If you HAVE seen the movie, here's a guy (Matt) giving you a YouTube tour of the filming locations on the island:



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