If you've scrolled through TikTok lately, chances are you've stumbled upon the culinary adventures of Keith Lee. And let me tell you, this guy doesn't just dabble in food – he dives in headfirst, armed with a fork and an unapologetically honest palate.

TikTok Famous Food Reviewer Keith Lee

Who's Keith Lee, you ask? Well, he's the foodie sensation who takes us on a gastronomic journey through restaurant menus, one Paw Patrol camping chair at a time. But here's the kicker – Keith doesn't sugarcoat his reviews. Nope, he's as blunt as a chef's knife, but with a heart of gold.

Honesty, paired with a sprinkle of kindness, has catapulted Keith's TikTok fame to soaring heights. With hundreds of videos and millions of views, he's not just a food critic – he's a tastemaker.

TikTok Food Reviewer, Keith Lee, Visits Detroit

Now, here's the dish on Keith: originally hailing from the Mitten State, he now calls Las Vegas home sweet home, alongside his better half and their little munchkins. But fear not Michigan – Keith recently swung by his old stomping grounds, and boy, did he make some waves.

In Detroit, he hit up a new soul food joint, one of his old favorite delis, and an old haunt for some Pure Michigan snacks.

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For soul food, Keith hit up The Smackin Soul. Here's what he had to say:

Overall, the reviews were okay.

For this food review, he went to Lou's Deli and got a corned beef sandwich. He also went to the liquor store he used to go to as a kid, and he got a couple of Michigan staples: Better Made Potato Chips and Faygo 60/40.

This isn't the first time that Keith Lee visited Michigan since gaining TikTok fame. Check out the other food reviews he made last time he was in town HERE. Who knows, you might just find yourself planning a foodie escapade in the heart of Detroit. Trust me, your taste buds will thank you later.

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