For one Michigan mom, Jessica Secrest, her TikTok virality all started with an uncrustable.

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Or, more accurately, people's inability to use the tool to make uncrustables correctly. Jess was so annoyed with people using this sandwich tool incorrectly that she inadvertently created her first in a long series of "aggressive" cooking tutorials.

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Jess first began her TikTok account, @applesauceandadhd, back in January of 2023. Since then, she's made a multitude of "aggressive tutorials" for all kinds of delicious recipes. Like...

Michigan Mom's Viral "Aggressive Cooking Tutorials"

The "Viral" Grinder Sandwich recipe

Pineapple Chicken Stir Fry

Or, the most 'Pure Michigan' meal ever had...

What I love about her tutorials is that while they may be "aggressive" for humor sake, they're also very real. She a tired Midwestern mama who's trying to get dinner on the table for a whole family, and she's gotta do it on a budget.

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If you're looking for humor and realness, this Michigan mom has it for ya. Just check out this blooper moment that she shared anyway, to keep it real.

Since Jess began her account last year, she's gained 2.1 million followers and 44.4 million likes. Most videos sit in the tens or hundreds of thousands of views, but she's got plenty of viral videos that have over a million views. Not only that but she's even been featured on Good Morning America!

If you can use a laugh, and some new dinner ideas, give Jess a follow!

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