Do you know folks that seem to be luckier than others?  For instance, I have a friend in Florida that sometimes posts her wins on social media. She wins a lot,  Last week alone my good friend Paula hit two scratches offs for $500 and $1000 a bit before that.  To be honest, it could not happen to a sweeter gal, she is amazing and always giving back to someone.

I did hit for $500 on a Michigan lottery scratch-off a few weeks ago and it was a nice surprise.  Fun to play once in a while, you never know.

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I love hearing stories like this, A Roscommon County man never gave up on his dream of hitting the lottery and played the same numbers and finally hit for a whopping $18.41 million dollars in Lotto 47 from the Michigan Lottery according to

How Did It Happen?

Like many winners, he wants to remain anonymous, as we know many folks end up coming out of the woodwork when you come into money. He matched all six Lotto 47 numbers drawn on July 31st, 03-05-10-20-28-31. He bought the winning ticket at the Family E-Z Mart, at 567 East Houghton Lake Drive in Prudenville.

I have been playing this set of numbers since 1991 and have rarely missed a drawing said the s shocked player. I’ve thought several times about trying a new set of numbers but, decided each time to keep playing this one. I checked my numbers before I went to bed the night of the drawing. When I recognized the set of numbers, I checked my ticket over at least a dozen times. I was shocked.

How Will He Spend His Money

What is he gonna do with his winnings you ask?  Well, he plans to share with family, give to various charities, and save some.  I will continue to take a shot once in a while. How about you?  What's the most you won in the lottery?

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