The world is starving for REAL heroes. The "Norwegian Royal Explorers Club" is publishing a book this summer about the greatest "adventurers" of all time. They've just announced one of the people featured will be "Mad Jack" Churchill.

"Mad Jack" was born in 1906. Before World War 2, he was a soldier in the British army, a professional bagpiper and a world class archer. He left the service in 1936, but rejoined the British army when the Nazis invaded Poland. Going into battle during World War 2, he was never without his bagpipes, his Scottish Claymore sword and his longbow. In May 1940, he, and the unit he was leading, ambushed a German patrol in France. "Mad Jack" fired the first shot by killing the first German with his longbow. It was the last recorded bow kill in modern warfare.

As the war unfolded, he would often play his bagpipes as the signal to attack and once captured 40 Germans armed only with his sword. But, also got captured by the Germans because he was knocked unconscious by a mortar round, while he was playing his bagpipes as the Germans attacked. But then he escaped from the German POW camp. This episode MIGHT explain why they called him "Mad Jack".

After the war, he was a warfare instructor in Australia and learned to surf. When he got back to England, he would surf the incoming tide on the River Severn.

And when he retired, he would ride the train home every night. He freaked everybody out by throwing his briefcase out the window every night. When they asked him why, he told them he was throwing the briefcase into his back yard as they passed, because he didn't want to carry it home.

And that's some craziness I can get behind.

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