The greater Lansing area has had a killer combination of heat and rain recently, making grass grow like crazy and the lawn needing cut. When you do inevitably end up cutting your grass, what do you do with the lawn clippings?

It's inevitable; you cut the lawn, you get grass clippings. So do you just leave them be. Sure, you could leave your lawn scattered with it, but didn't you just spend all that time cleaning it up?

What to Do With Lawn Clippings in Lansing?

If you wanted to make your own compost, you'll need grass clippings for that. But if you're not looking to keep grass clippings, you'll need to dispose of them, and you'll want to follow the letter of the law.

Keep in mind that lawn clippings can't be disposed in the same way as regular trash. You have to put lawn clippings into a paper yard waste bag. That paper bag gets set to the curb for the City of Lansing to come around and pick up. Do not put lawn clippings in your trash or recycling bin.

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Yard waste pick up happens April through November and will take place on the day for CART trash collection for your area.

Yard waste isn't just lawn clippings. It can be sticks, small branches, leaves, and tree and bush trimmings. And there are certain rules to follow for those items as well, like bundling sticks/branches, making sure those bundles don't exceed the weight limit, the bundle can only be secured with string or twine, that the branches are less than 4 feet long and 2 inches in diameter.

If you're a new homeowner, or you just happened to find yourself in charge of maintaining a lawn for the first time, it's important to remember stuff like this.

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