Spoiler alert. If you're thinking the special guest for the Lugnuts Tribute To Tool Time on August 28th is "PURE MICHIGAN", Al if you would please do the honors.

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Get ready for a night of family fun with your Lansing Lugnuts and Richard Karn (aka Al Borland).

Baseball, Beards, and Flannels OH MY.

There's going to be a lot going on Saturday night August 28th at Jackson Field.

The Lugnuts will be taking on our rivals from Grand Rapids, the West Michigan Whitecaps. After the game there will be LAFCU Fireworks.

Special guest Richard Karn will do a meet and greet and sign some autographs. He'll also throw out the first pitch and judge the beard and flannel contest. So get dressed accordingly for your chance to win and take some killer pictures.

Speaking of dressed accordingly, the Lugnuts will be sporting these awesome "flannel inspired" jerseys.

Lansing Lugnuts via Facebook
Lansing Lugnuts via Facebook

Special trade vendors on the concourse, jersey auction during the game, we're sure some specialty gear inside Nuts & Bolts at Jackson Field, and more

Get you tickets HERE for A Tribute To Tool Time with special guest Richard Karn (Al Borland) August 28th.

 Plenty of baseball to come and see before Al gets here.

Heads up, August 14th an 15th, the Lugnuts switch it up for back to back games.

It's another night as the Lansing Locos on the 14th for Latino Night.

The Lansing Locos will take the field for Latino Night where we will celebrate Latin American heritage. Our friends from Old Barn will be sampling their sangria, and stick around because after the game we will have LAFCU fireworks! (Lugnuts)

Then on the 15th, your Lugnuts become The Black Rhinos.

The Black Rhinos take the field for the last time in 2021! The jerseys will be auctioned off online and proceeds will go back to Potter Park Zoo! It is also a Capital City Kids Market Kids Day so don't forget kids can run the bases after the game and after that there will be free ice cream across the street at Capital City Market! (Lugnuts)

Lots of summer and lots of baseball still left for you and the family to enjoy at Jackson Field.

Get your tickets and GO NUTS! LUGNUTS!

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