I'm not sure I have ever laughed so hard at a Facebook post as I did this past weekend. I'm part of a closed Facebook group called 'Not Your Mother's Network Group' and over the weekend one of the members--Annie--who lives in Lansing posted a photo of this bug:

Photo courtesy of Annie S. from Lansing
Photo courtesy of Annie S. from Lansing

In her post, Annie asked "Can anyone identify this insect? I found it the floor in my house. I’ve googled and cannot find anything about it." There were some people that knew exactly what kind of bug it is. For the record, according to some of these very smart ladies (and the University of Wisconsin Master Gardener Program) it is a robber fly and 72 of them have been reported in Michigan. You can read more about the robbery fly by clicking here...HOWEVER...the main reason I wanted you to know about this Facebook post is because the comments that were posted over the weekend were truly awesome.

Now since it's a closed group, I marked out the photos and names of the people that left some comments about the photo. PLEASE---I'm begging you---READ THESE COMMENTS. There are some really funny ladies in the Lansing area and these are just some of the comments and GIFs. My thanks to Annie for letting me share her scary photo!  You can click through the screenshots below...and you can click here to find out more about the 'Not Your Mother's Networking Group Facebook page


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