If you've ever had Saddleback BBQ, you know of it's deliciousness. Now, it's getting recognized state wide with an award!

According to the Lansing State Journal, Saddleback BBQ has been awarded the "Best Small Business of the Year" award from the Michigan Small Business Development Center. That's a big deal, because they won that for the entire state of Michigan! But it's not just their delicious brisket and wings that won the award for them...

Laurie Lonsdorf is a senior business consultant for the Michigan Small Business Development Center, and she says that Saddleback was awarded this honor because of "all the jobs they created" and because Matt Gillett (one of the owners) really did his research in making sure that his business would be a success. To read more about the honor Saddleback received, click here. And if you'd like to treat your taste buds to some delicious meats, Saddleback now has two locations: their original spot in REO Town, and their second new location in Okemos. 

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