The Facebook Groups are a good place to see what’s going on in our community, and while browsing the 517 Living Community Hub Greater Lansing Area group I came across a post that caught my attention. A comment from a Gentleman that catches critters for a living, you know, racoons, possums and bats, things like that. So I figured this could be an interesting story, even though the ending caught me by surprise. The writer of the post is Sal Palombo Jr, and he was experiencing a very busy day that ended up with a minor catastrophe.

He was wrapping up for the day, and as he turned onto Holmes he realized his clipboard was still on the hood of his vehicle and it would not stay there. Before he could stop, the clipboard with all of his contracts and cash for the day exploded into the air and flew everywhere. There were cars all around, paperwork and money flying around, and every time another car went by it spread everything out even more. Sal got out of his van and started grabbing handfuls of everything he could. Then the big surprise.

Three cars of teenagers pulled up, and in about 30 seconds 8 or 9 kids had everything collected. They smiled and wished him well and would not take any money from him. Sal was so happy, even the next morning he was still stunned from the kindness he had experienced.

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Honestly, teenagers would have been the last people I would have thought would help out Sal. I guess I need to be less judgmental and more appreciative of people, all people. It made my day to read this story, and when I asked Sal if I could write about it, his response was: “Absolutely. Enjoy. I hope it will uplift people. So far it has made my week”

Here’s the original Facebook post.

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