Michigan born actor Jeff Daniels did not feel the need to dress up for the virtual award show. Unless flannel is Michigan formal.

The Golden Globes Award show Sunday night was fraught with technical issues and the standard virtue signaling, but Jeff Daniels represented his home state well by showing up in a flannel shirt, drawing some praise from the viewers.

Zooming in form what appears to be a bland spare bedroom at his home, Daniels appeared to be unimpressed with the glitz and glamour of the Hollywood event.

Most of the comments aimed at Daniels praised him for his lack of formal wear:

I respect that Jeff Daniels literally just got up from dinner and fired up the zoom and is gonna go back to eat now.


Jeff Daniels serving ‘this could have been an email’

A real actor like Jeff Daniels knows that true talent isn't measured by how many awards you win- it is measure by how many doors you have in your guest bedroom.


Jeff Daniels sitting in a small, very casual bedroom on zoom during the Golden Globes is the most relatable thing I’ve ever seen.



Everyone dressed up for the Globes except Jeff Daniels who just got back from Home Depot.


jeff daniels absolutely closed his laptop after his category and went downstairs to make popcorn in the microwave

Jeff Daniels looks like he lives with me and owes me rent.


#PureMichigan talent like @Jeff_Daniels doesn’t need all the overhead.

Jeff was in consort with with Jason Sudeikis and Bill Murray (of course), as an odd ball trio sharing the same fashion sense.


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