Yes, it's true that I've seen a few Christmas trees still up in a few areas in Lansing. No kidding, you may have seen a couple yourself.  The holidays have been gone for over 2 months and we are almost into spring and putting our clocks forward. Remember: spring forward, fall back. But there are many neighborhoods with residents who still have their holiday lights up according to

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Aura Osborn, who lives in East Lansing’s Glencairn neighborhood, says it brings her cheer. “I noticed a while ago that people were leaving their lights up longer. I’m just thankful, so many are doing this, especially because during the holiday season. I work late and when I come home and see the lights it just brings me joy!”

And apparently Aura isn’t the only one who loves the lights. Meegan Holland put a message on the neighborhood Facebook page thanking everyone for keeping their lights on. I love it! I like lights, and I see nothing wrong with it. Anything we can do these days to bring joy is good in my book. Just think of them as winter lights.

Many folks believe this time of year can be depressing, and back in January it was getting dark just after 5. It can be cold and lonely, especially with the pandemic going on.

I also like Christmas lights up in living rooms in the winter. I have seen some of my friends and family do just that. Lights can bring smiles and brighten up your evenings.

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