It's still only September but according to a report from AAA, it's about time to start booking your flights for your Thanksgiving and Christmas travel. AAA says that if you want to try and save some money on flights this holiday season, you'll want to start booking your flights as early as September 25th.

AAA says that most travelers book their flights for Thanksgiving starting on September 25th and will continue booking their Thanksgiving flights until October 27th. However, if you want to wait a little longer to book your flight for Thanksgiving, AAA does say that seven to 13 days before the holiday (which for 2019 is November 11th through the 17th) it's still possible that you could find some decent prices, it's the availability that might get tricky.

If you're planning on flying for Christmas, you may want to book that flight soon as well. AAA reports that 61 to 90 days prior to the holiday (which is between September 26th and October 25th) is the "sweet spot" for booking flights for Christmas as prices could still be a little lower than average. Click here to find out more.

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