Two true statements:

1. Today is Bill Hader's 38th birthday.

2. I think Bill Hader is hilarious.

Bill Hader was on Saturday Night Live for eight seasons. He was probably best know on SNL for his Stefon character. Another favorite was cranky, old TV reporter Herb Welch. He's also done a lot of great movies like "Forgetting Sarah Marshall", "Trainwreck", the animated "Inside Out" and the new "Angry Birds".

And Bill was in a (really) dark comedy with Kristin Wiig called "The Skeleton Twins". It was a pretty good movie, but the best part was a scene where Bill's character Milo is trying to cheer up his sister Maggie, played by Kristin. To do this, he does a lip sync of Starship's "Nothings Gonna Stop Us Now", from 1987. It's a lip sync that would have made Milli Vanilli proud. And it ALWAYS makes me laugh. Especially when Kristin joins in at @2:18 in. Check it out:


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