Do you suffer from gephyrophobia? If so, driving to Michigan's Mackinac island just became a bit easier for you.

Gephyrophobia is the anxiety or fear of bridges. And if you happen to suffer from this, MLive reports that driving over the Mackinac Bridge just got easier for you. Instead of you driving yourself, someone will do it for you. Seriously - "The Mackinac Bridge Authority's Drivers Assistance Program was created specifically to help those drivers" that fear crossing the 5-mile long bridge.

Just call the MBADAP and someone will drive you, in your own car, across the bridge. Drivers are available 24 hours a day, can drive any type of vehicle, and it's a completely free service! The program would much rather you give them a call for assistance than chance someone freezing up and stopping on the bridge, because that has happened before. Get more info on the service, here.

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