HopCat will be celebrating their 9 year anniversary with a crack fry eating contest THIS weekend!

If you're addicted to those deliciously seasoned fries, this is your chance to take down as many as you can for your chance to win $500 and free Crack Fries for a year! According to MLive, all HopCat locations will be hosting this contest this Saturday, January 21st.

Here's how it works: Competitors will have six minutes to consume as many Crack Fries (by weight) as possible. The person who eats the most gets that $500 prize and free Crack Fries for a year. Second place prize is a $100 gift card. Bronze gets a $25 gift card. Plus, the winner from each location gets to "compete in the crack fries eating contest world championship taking place at the 2017 Michigan's Brewer's Guild Summer Beer Fest in Ypsilanti."

If you think you have the guts for this contest, get the info on how to get entered HERE.

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