Here we are, back at it again with another hike.

Actually, this one is a little more than a hike. If you own a mountain bike or a horse, these trails in Pinckney are definitely worth checking out. Or if you want spend some time on the water, you can go kayaking, canoeing or fishing on one of their 20 inland lakes.

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Pinckney Recreational Area

First things first, the Pinckney Recreational Area has over 11,000 acres, so it's very easy to get turned around. They have six different trails you can try out.

Here's a list of their trails from shortest to longest:

  • Pinckney-Silver Lake Trail - 2.00 miles
  • Pinckney-Losee Lake Trail - 3.30 miles
  • Pinckney-Crooked Lake Trail - 5.10 miles
  • Pinckney-Equestrian Trails - 13.00 miles
  • Pinckney-Potawatomi Trail - 17.40 miles
  • Waterloo-Pinckney Trail - 33.90 miles

I don't know about you, but I'm sticking with the first three trails. After years of preparation, I may give the last two a try. Several people bike, cross country ski and go horseback riding through the longer trails. Not only is Pinckney-Equestrian Trails used for horseback riding, but the Waterloo-Pinckney Trail often is too.

So I'm over here like okay, I could definitely do the Pinckney-Crooked Lake Trail because it's five miles and I hike that amount all the time.

Well, I searched YouTube to see if anyone posted a video about their time spent hiking there and I stumbled across this dude talking about how it took him through hell. So obviously I'm like "Okay, maybe it's not a good idea." Turns out he was talking about Hell, Michigan. Ha, good one.

If you're interested in heading out to Pinckney and getting your hike on, the recreation area is located at 8555 Silver Hill Road.

Happy Hiking!

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