According to Mlive, researchers at the University of Michigan say one of the oldest Blanding turtles was just found near Pinckney. How do they know how old it is? Well, the turtle was part of a long-running turtle study that dates back to 1954. Researchers apparently captured the turtle back in 1954 and marked it and this week they recaptured the turtle at the E.S. George Reserve in Livingston County.

This particular turtle is named 3R11L and has been recaptured 50 times throughout the years. Researchers did the math for us and report that 3R11L is 83 years old now. The previous oldest Blanding turtle (that we know about) was 76 years old and from Minnesota. For the record, 3R11L was measured, examined and returned to a 'swampy area'. It still has eggs, and biologists say it could live past 100 years old. (!)