There's a phone scam making the rounds here in Michigan, and here's how it works:

According to the Detroit Free Press, they try to get you to say "Yes". The phone scammers and robocalls try "to get a consumer to engage and say 'yes'", usually by asking a pretty innocent question, like...

  • "Are you the lady of the house?"
  • "Are you the home owner?"
  • "Can you hear me?"

And then when you respond "Yes", they record your voice and use that to sign you up for service... You did say yes... Another way scammers use that "yes" answer is to record your response, then "combine the recording with other personal information they have gathered from or about you, including credit card information."

The article says to treat these unsolicited calls by just hanging up the phone without responding. Read more about the phone scam HERE.

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