About 3 weeks ago, I got a text on my phone and it said that I disrespected someone in their organization. It continued to add that I need to make this right or my family, and myself would be in danger.  They also had my real name which anyone can get on the internet these days.

I googled it, and the scam varied all across the country, but was basically the same. When someone is threatened with death or harm it carries a big jail sentence and fine. It should be reported to the FBI and local authorities ASAP.

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Now these scams are moving close to home according to fox47news.com. Friday night a woman in DeWitt Township was called by a blocked number. (Which I never Answer) When she said hello, there was someone who said they had her daughter,and said they would only release her only if a large sum of money was wired to their account.

She did wire the cash they asked for, and found out that her daughter had been safe the whole time. The same thing happened recently to and elderly woman in Dewitt as well.  This is sad, and completely unacceptable. The the fines and jail time for this crime should be maximum.

Here is what DeWitt Township Police Chief Mike Gute had to say "in both instances, the scammer knew that the woman on the other end of the phone had a daughter".

What they'll try to do is keep you on the phone while you send them money because they don't want you to hang up the phone and report it to 911 or try to call the loved one," Gute said.

Beware of all texts, calls as well as emails. If your a victim, or know someone that is here is more info and what to do. You can also call your local police or the FBI. Be safe and informed.

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