Say it ain't snow. Living in the Detroit suburbs the last few years, Michigan has had a relatively small amount of snow. But guess what? The first snowfall could be here sooner than you think. Are you ready for it? According to the Weather Channel early November could be the first snow fall.

Some people hate the white stuff. Living in Tampa and Las Vegas for years, I did miss the seasons and I do enjoy a good snow. It's bitter cold temperatures that I don't like. I love sledding and skiing, which I plan on doing more of this year.

Growing up in Chicago, my family still talks about the blizzard of 1967. It struck northeast Illinois and northwest Indiana on January 26–27, 1967, with a record-setting 23 inches of snow fall in Chicago. It remains the greatest snowfall in one storm in Chicago history.  I do remember walking to school as a small kid and remember the was a lot of snow in the '70s.

Although there are a lot of winter predictions from many sources, The National Weather Service 30 year average says typically the first snow is only 0.1 inch. I am no expert, but I think we'll be safe with a light winter this year. What does your gut tell you?

With a little luck, we will at least have a handful of days for snowball fights, building snowman,iIce skating and of course on of my favorites ice fishing.

Got any tips or places for some winter fun in Michigan? Please share and get ready for a great winter.

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