So much is still unfolding from the tragedy that struck Oxford High School in Michigan on November 30th.

Here is what we know so far. Horribly, a shooting took place at Oxford High School on Tuesday, November 30th just before 1 PM. Four students were killed, and six other students and a teacher were injured when the 15-year-old suspect opened fire, making this "the nation's deadliest school shooting in three years," according to the Detroit Free Press.

Let's take a moment to remember those we lost.

14-year-old Hana St. Juliana
16-year-old Tate Myre
17-year-old Madisyn Baldwin
17-year-old Justin Shiling

Here is How You Can Help Victims of the Oxford High School Shooting

When tragedies of this proportion occur, unfortunately, there are people in the world who take advantage and will try to scam others who are wanting to help. Don't get scammed when you go to donate your money. Here are verified, direct links that you can use to directly help the victims.

  • Oxford Bank
  • Oxford Strong GoFundMe
  • Or you can mail a donation to Genisys Credit Union at P.O. Box 436034, Pontiac, MI 48343-6034. You can make checks out to "Genisys Credit Union-Oxford Strong"

Hearing from Members of the Community

We had the opportunity to speak with Alixzandra Jyawook, an Oxford High School alumna, who had this to say;

We are Oxford Strong. Tragedy struck our community in ways nobody would imagine, and now we are standing together to grieve and heal. No member of our community should have to go through what Oxford is right now. No parent should receive the news that their child is not coming home. Please consider donating to our community, to the victims and their families. Keep our community in your prayers. And please, please check on your friends, and hold your loved ones extra close. Thank you for your support, your love, and God bless you all.

Authorities Dealing with Copycat Threats After Oxford High School Shooting

Just two days after the shooting, Oakland County authorities are now facing a new related issue; copycat threats are being made, some on social media. According to the Detroit Free Press, "more than half of the public schools in Oakland County were closed Thursday in response to copycat threats. Oakland County officials addressed these threats in a live press conference today at 4 PM.

During the press conference, Oakland County Sheriff said that the threats were unrelated. 

The details of this horrific incident are still emerging; we're sure to learn more in the coming days.

Heartbreaking Scenes from Oxford High School Michigan Shooting

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