To be honest the heat has never really bothered me. I lived in Vegas for 7 years and it was always over 100 degrees in the summer, but it was not humid. Now. before I came back to Michigan, I lived in Tampa/St Pete for 5 years, and when it got in the '90s, and was humid.  It would be pretty uncomfortable and you needed a pool or beach nearby to cool off.

Well, get ready for that kind of weather the rest of the week here in the Mitten. Here is an article about how to stay cool in the hot Michigan summers, if you want a refresher on how to stay cool.

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How Hot Will It Get?

Keep in Mind there is A HEAT ADVISORY until 8 P.M today. Also that the heat index will make it feels like the upper 90s to low 100s. according to

Make sure to stay hydrated and don't forget about the pets! The main weather story this week will be the heat and humidity along with the chances for storms. High temps will frequently be in the upper 80s to near 90 degrees and dew points will be 70 or better much of the time making it feel very tropical. As far as storm chances go - it's tough to rule them out any day, but it won't be continuously raining. Any storms that do develop will likely have torrential rainfall and frequent lightning.


When Will The Heat End?

Think about it this way fall is right around the corner so if you love summer just stay safe and keep cool, maybe near the pool. Like we said be on the lookout too for severe weather. Even though it's not in the forecast,  a couple of storms pop up with heavy winds.  Don't expect the heat or humidity to leave us at least until early next week.

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