Yeah, we've had supermoons over Michigan before - but the one happening this month will be the most "super" supermoon in the last seventy years. According to, on November 14th, the moon will be full and it will be closer to earth than at any time since 1948. And it won't get this close again until November 25, 2034 (Thanksgiving Weekend) So don't miss it.

The moon will reach it's peak as a full moon at 8:52AM. HOWEVER - I've done some checking and at that time, the moon will be below the horizon in the Lansing area. Your better option is to get up early and see the moon at 4 or 5AM, before it sets to the west.

My guess is that the moon will still be pretty big the next morning, November 15th, as you head out to your favorite deer hunting spot.

Let's hope the weather holds up.

Here's the story. 

And, here's the table of moon rise and moon set times, for the Lansing area, in November.


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