I love it when the moon looks like a strawberry milkshake. And it will do just that on Thursday morning and into Thursday night. (Ok, more like a orange shake, but the label is strawberry moon.)  All we need is Mother Nature to cooperate.

Trying to figure out all this information is a pain, so thanks to WWMT's Jeff Porter for clearing it up.

But here's the background: This June full moon is the first full moon of the summer of 2021 and it's already been shining in the night sky (when it hasn't been raining), and it’s a special one because it will be the third and final “supermoon” of the year.

And here's something cool for us on the ground; because the current orbit the moon is on is closer to the Earth than an average moon, when it turns full, the June “strawberry moon” will appear to be slightly bigger and brighter than usual for those of us here on earth..

And NJ.com tells us why it's called a strawberry moon:

"As for its sweet-sounding nickname, don’t expect this celestial body to give off a fruity-red tint. Just like other full moons, the June strawberry moon will appear golden-orange when it’s close to the horizon and white when it’s a bit higher in the sky. - NJ.com

Here's where this gets a little fun. NASA is doing a little trash-talking. Here's from a NASA written article: "The Next Full Moon is the Strawberry Moon and a Marginal Supermoon." Who are you calling marginal?

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The NASA story goes on to explain some of the full moon's nicknames. "Strawberry, Mead, Honey, Rose, Flower, Hot, Hoe, or Planting Moon, Vat Purnima, Poson Poya, the LRO Moon, and a marginal Supermoon."

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