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Once again it's almost November 15th. Firearm deer season in Michigan.

Tomorrow, hundreds of thousands of Michiganders (you?) will take a day (or week) off, or just play hookie, to take to the fields and woods in search of a monster buck - or maybe just some venison.

I'll be out there tomorrow morning, with my 12 gauge slug gun, in a deer blind at an undisclosed location in Clinton County. And because you may not be able to get out there yourself - and because it's the only way I can go deer hunting without burning a vacation day, I'll be reporting live, (and maybe doing some Tweeting) thanks to the miracle of cell phones.

One of the questions being asked in pole barns and cabins around Michigan today is: 'How will the 'Supermoon' this week affect the deer hunting?" talked to the experts about it. I think the warm weather may affect it more, but there are some interesting theories out there about how a giant, full moon will change things in "Deer World".

Here's the story, with some advice from two of the best deer hunters in Michigan.

Good luck. Seeya tomorrow. And send photos to me at the email below.


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