If you don't know who Bill Nye is, I feel so bad for you. If you do know who Bill Nye is, you're probably singing "Bill Nye The Science Guy" right now aren't you?

Back in my grade school days there was no better feeling than seeing the teacher roll that TV cart into the classroom and pop in whatever "Bill Nye The Science Guy" tape they had or one that went with the lesson.

There's no denying Bill Nye is a great guy and what makes him even better is that he grew up with us. I feel like once he realized his audience was ready for more mature topics and, let's be real here, language.

Now, he is taking his talents to social media and hosting "Earth Day! The Musical" on Facebook for Earth Day 2021.

That's Right, "Earth Day! The Musical"

This isn't going to just be your run-of-the-mill Bill Nye episode just moved to a different format, no, no. This is going to be an Earth Day event for the ages with a star-studded list of guests.

According to Billboard, this event was formed as a partnership between Facebook Watch and EARTHDAY.org. Basically, Bill Nye is going to be teaming up with some of our favorite musicians while also passing the mic to young climate activists for them to share the things they have been doing to help our planet.

During the show, Billboard also says Facebook will be rolling out its "#RestoreOurEarthChallenge" as a way for people around the world to share what they are doing to help combat climate change.

The Guest List

So why are we hyping up the guests so much? Well, one of the guests is someone you are probably very familiar with, JUSTIN BIEBER!

That's right, Biebs along with Maluma, TikTok stars Charli and Dixie D'Amelio, Cody Simpson, Indina Menzel, Steve Aoki, Tori Kelly and more will be aiding Bill Nye in making this the most entertaining Earth Day experience!

Now the list of young climate activists is also packed full of wonderful people like Jerome Foster II, age 18, the youngest member of the Biden White House Environmental Justice Advisory Council. Others include young people coming up with innovative ways to reduce methane from livestock and who lead climate movements.

CLICK HERE to preview everyone involved.

How Can I Watch?

"Earth Day! The Musical" will be airing Thursday, April 22nd at noon. All you have to do is log onto Facebook and use Facebook Watch.

Now I'm not a teacher but I think this would be a great way to get students interested in Earth Day while still making it fun and exposing them to the true genius and greatness that is, Bill Nye The Science Guy.

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