In case you didn't know, for the last 14 years Keith Urban fans have been collecting stuffed monkeys to help brighten the lives of children who are sick and hospitalized.

Those interested in participating each year just need to buy one or more new stuffed monkeys that are at least eight inches or larger with the tags still on them. Then you can click here for the contact info on how and where to drop your monkey or monkeys off.

Sparrow Hospital is again a recipient of the generosity of so many this year. Kids there will benefit from The 14th Annual KU Fans Valentine's Day Stuffed Monkey Drive.

Here's more info from a press release issued by Sparrow:

Sparrow remains the only hospital in Michigan to receive stuffed monkeys from superstar singer Keith Urban’s annual Valentine’s Day Stuffed Monkey Drive. More than 200 stuffed monkeys will be dropped off at the Sparrow Children’s Center by a local Keith Urban fan who’s been
collecting them. Last year, the national drive collected over 4,100 monkeys in nine countries and 38 states. It’s the 14th year that Urban and his fans have distributed the monkeys – a total of 50 were donated nationally the first year.


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