(Guy 1 stands at an elevator door. Elevator door opens to show Guy 2. Guy 1 exclaims, very surprised...)

Guy 1: "HEY...you..."

Guy 2: "SHUT UP!!! Don't say another word".

(Guy 2 walks off the elevator, turns and walks away, while Guy 1 chuckles and shakes his head.)

The above scene happened a long time ago when I was working at another radio station. So what happened that surprised Guy 1, who was actually me?

Guy 2, who had a really dark, full beard decided to shave half of it off and come to work to see who would notice what he had done, and get a laugh. Guy 2 and I were buddies, and friends to this day so we hung out a lot and I immediately noticed what he had done.

But here's the deal...Guy 2 was at the station, during regular business hours mind you, having face to face conversations with people for over two hours before one guy finally noticed he was talking to someone with half a beard. OVER TWO HOURS!!!

The moral of the story? Most people just don't notice the things you think that they would.

I was reminded of this story from my past when I saw another story today in the Lansing State Journal about an occupational therapist at Sparrow Hospital who has been wearing crazy hairstyles for fun and to boost the morale at work. Here's the thing, a lot of people must be noticing what she's been doing because she now has an article in the paper.

You might be thinking, "Everyone has a crazy hairstyle right now". But these are intentionally crazy to bring some fun to what has been a stressful time for a lot of people.

See the article here in the Lansing State Journal.

I wonder if she's ever thought of shaving half of her hair off? Now, I'm not suggesting anything here, just wondering...

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