Well, they got me - now I'm watching "MasterChef". All it took was seeing that Michigan had three chefs in the hunt during the two-part premiere.

If you missed this week's show, it will repeat, tonight at 9PM, on Fox 47. Here's what's happened with the Michigan crew, according to MLive.com:

First we heard about Liz Linn, from Durand. She got into the Top 20 right away. Micah Yaroch, the 19-year old from Grand Rapids had to battle it out this week with two other Battle Pass holders in a cook-off. Then came the stunning news that Jason Keefe, described as a FedEx contractor from South Carolina, was originally from Muskegon. He had his chance this week and he brought some Michigan with him, cooking venison with potatoes and mushrooms. We can report that Micah took care of business and moved on to the Top 20. But for Jason, this week was the end. The judges thought his venison was overcooked and the potatoes were under-seasoned. But, Gordon Ramsey said, “If you were coached properly, we could get there”. So, maybe Jason will be back next season.

And, after seeing the story I put up this week about finding out that Jason was from Michigan, I got an email from him. Guess what - he was born right here in Lansing at Sparrow Hospital!

Jason wrote, "Saw a piece your station did. A friend back home sent it to me. I'm down here in Charleston SC. I was born at Sparrow Hospital and lived in Spartan Village Married Housing in 1970 when my parents were students at MSU!!" 

How cool is that? He's out of the running for now, but Jason's somebody to keep an eye on. We will.

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