If you and the kiddos are free next Thursday night, why not take advantage of a free family movie night?

Whole Foods Market in East Lansing is throwing a Free Family Movie event Thursday, August 18th. The movie of the evening... Zootopia! Zootopia is a great kids movie, and just an amazing movie (in my opinion) in general. Plus, did I mention it's FREE? All you need to bring is yourself, the kids, and some blankets or chairs to sit on.

The event begins at 8pm, at which time Whole Foods will have free snacks and refreshments available. Plus, it's Whole Foods, so you know that the food will be delicious and nutritious! Snacks, fun, and refreshments go until about 8:30pm. The movie will begin at sundown, round about 8:45pm, and go until about 10pm. Check out more details about this free family event on the Whole Foods Facebook page, HERE.

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