I always like writing stories and telling folks about all the new buildings and converted apartments going up in the Lansing area. There have been many lately like Lansing's West Junior high being turned into apartments.

Also, the historic Albert Kahn building is being made into a new living community in Downtown Jackson.  Now, with houses selling so fast in the Lansing area these days the more places to rent, the better I guess.  I know some folks who have sold their house and are having trouble finder a new home to buy, so some are renting for a while to see how the market goes.  Probably Not a bad idea.

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Here Is What Is Happening

So check it out, here comes another new apartment complex according to fox47news.com. Remember the Lake Trust Credit Union building in downtown Lansing?  Well in the not-so-distant future this development will have 172 apartment units and over 18,000 square feet of ground-floor retail and businesses. Nice!

So a company called WestPac from the west coast is in on the $33 million project which will help revive the downtown area, said CEO Patrick Smith.

We've always looked at revamping the 501 block, the old Lake Trust six-story building with the walkout basement into multifamily because it's got super cool views of the city," Smith said. "It's got some historical natures of mid-60s architecture. And we wanted to facilitate that, keeping that building and also doing a renovation of the renaissance of that building. Because it is, in my mind, it is a little bit historical.

There is also another WestPac development in Hillsdale on Capitol Streets and it has an additional 117 apartments and additional retail space.

When Will It Be Completed?

The apartments at Lake Trust should be done in the fall of 2023.

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