I know I can't be the only Lansing resident finding these creepy crawlies popping up around the house more often recently.

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I ran into this same issue right around this time last year, and honestly, I'm not stoked about having to deal with it again. But, it is what it is...

Have you been dealing with earwigs in the house?

Lansing Residents Dealing With Earwigs

And not just in the house, but in spots around your home?

Ugh... earwigs give me the creeps. Like, I'm not one for bugs, spiders, and creepy crawlies in general, but there's something about an earwig's chitinous shell that makes it even more unappealing. And unfortunately, if your house is like mine, you've been finding many more of them recently.

Why Are There Earwigs Inside My Home?

If you've been finding these gross bugs in your home, you're probably wondering a couple of things, firstly, why are they in my home?

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Well, to put it plainly, earwigs like moist conditions. And wouldn't you know it... Lansing has received a lot of rain as of late. Not only that, but hot temperatures usually mean people cooling off with water, like swimming. Your home probably has many more damp things waiting to be washed.

How Do I Get Rid of Earwigs?

If you've been finding earwigs in the house, particularly in places you don't normally find them, you've already begun your journey towards getting rid of them. Because knowing is half the battle! The other half takes a bit more work on your end.

  • Make sure your dehumidifier is working well, or perhaps invest in a new one
  • Stop leaving wet items around the house, ie. towels, bathing suits, rags
  • Clean up the outdoor places they like to hide to prevent them from getting inside; get rid of leaves and branches, and clean gutters
  • Make sure the house is sealed up tight; double-check windows, fix cracks in the foundations and any leaky pipes
  • Call an exterminator

Hopefully, those suggestions work for ya. I'm going to take them to heart as well. And just remember, the urban legend that they're called earwigs because they crawl into your ear and lay eggs is totally false.

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