If you haven't noticed, America's a little on edge these days.

The U.S. had "The Election" and the Midwest had "The Game" (which featured a fourth down play in double overtime that gave Michigan and Ohio State fans "The Spot"). And then there's the everyday anger directed at jobs and bosses.

And printers. Computer printers that jam up or won't print at all.

If there were only someplace you could go to break stuff and not get in trouble.

Ah. Now there is such a place. It's appropriately called The Anger Room.

According to the New York Times, in 2008, a lady named Donna Alexander started letting co-workers come to the garage in her Dallas house, where she would let them destroy junk she'd picked up off curbs in her neighborhood. She charged $5. Soon, strangers were showing up at her house to destroy stuff. So she quit her job and opened The Anger Room - a 1000 square foot space in downtown Dallas. In her first year, Donna's Anger Room brought in $170,000. She charges a bit more now, but she's also gotten more creative. She can set up a space that looks like your own place of work, so you can TEAR. IT. UP.

Copies of "The Anger Room" have popped up all over the world. In Toronto, their version is called The Rage Room. And Donna is working on franchising her idea to some of the 2,500 people who have asked for help starting one of their own. So, if you think it would work here.....

Here's the story.


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