Usually I know exactly who I'm rooting for each year when it comes to the teams in the World Series. However, because there are several former Detroit Tigers playing in the World Series this year, I'm torn. First, there's Max Scherzer who is now pitching for the Washington Nationals and used to be a great pitcher for the Tigers. And let's not forget about Anibal Sanchez, who also used to pitch for the Detroit Tigers and is now a starting pitcher for the Washington Nationals.

However, there's also this guy named Justin Verlander who is now a starting pitcher for the Houston Astros and used to be one of my favorite players for the Tigers. (Plus, his wife is from Michigan, so there's that.) And I know he's not a former Tiger but how can you root against Jose Altuve? He's been one of my favorites to watch for quite awhile now, too.

So, see? I'm torn. I guess at this point, I'm leaning toward Houston so I'll still be rooting for the American League. But we'll see...Game one of the World Series starts Tuesday night at 8:08 pm on FOX.

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