If you've lived in Lansing long enough, you've probably gone sledding down or watched a sunset here.

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You know... that giant sledding hill near Frandor, situated just between the back of T.J. Maxx and the side of the Hillcrest Village Apartments.

Sledding Hill by Frandor in Lansing

Well, even if you haven't done either of these activities, if you've visited Frandor recently, or if you've driven on Grand River Avenue just east of Frandor, you've probably noticed the mass amount of construction going on there.

Not road work, mind you. They seem to be digging up the hill and the surrounding area.

Kristen Matthews TSM Lansing
Kristen Matthews TSM Lansing

And for no other reason than I'm curious, does anyone know what they're working on over there?

Construction on the Hill by Frandor

With so much construction going on across the Lansing area (and the soon-to-be construction along Michigan Avenue), I wonder if this is another city project. Or perhaps, a private party acquired the land and is looking to develop it.

Here's hoping that it's not another set of luxury apartments, because we definitely have plenty of those across town.

So, if you happen to have the scoop on what's going down at the sledding hill next to Frandor, I would greatly appreciate some insight, from one Lansing resident to another.

Michigan Avenue Construction in Lansing

On another note, some other construction on the horizon for Lansing residents is the rejuvenation of Michigan Avenue between Pennsylvania and Clippert. That's expected to start later this year and go into late 2024. You can read more on that project HERE.

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