When I'm not on the couch snoozin' I'm out looking for the next best hike. I live in Williamston and there are tons of good places to hike. So far I've check out Ted Black Woods and Lake Lansing Park North. Ted Black Woods is a smaller hike if you're looking to just get out and enjoy a quick afternoon in nature. Lake Lansing Park has a few different trails and might take ya a little longer, so make sure you set aside a couple hours for this one. Unless you're my Mom and your walk is more like a sprint; then you can probably finish 3 miles in an hour. I'm a little more vertically challenged and only 5'1, so I can only move so fast.

Lake Lansing Park North

If you're like me and get startled easily, fair warning, there's a lot of wildlife out there. Not the biggest fan of snakes? Yeah, me either. I'm a wuss and I can't even deal with a little gardener snake. So here I am minding my own business and this little snake thinks it's a good idea to just slither along the same path I'm walking on. I lose it and then my fight or flight response kicks in and I'm on edge now. I'm rounding a corner and so is a guy running with his dog, and I was ready to karate chop this dude in the throat. I didn't but yeah, that's what I get for going outside and trying to hike.

But on a more serious note, this place is absolutely beautiful and it's in a great town. Haslett is SO pretty, with tons of beautiful houses right near the park. If you're up for it afterwards, you should walk along the road and check them all out!

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