Stealing packages off of a porch is bad enough.  But taking the whole porch?  That's just mean.

A Detroit resident is claiming that she came home from working at the Chrysler plant the other day to find her front porch was gone.  India Gardner told that she was completely shocked,

I was at work, came home, went to the front porch literally tripped before I realized what had happened.  Whoever has my porch took my railings with it.

She has no idea exactly when this crazy theft happened and none of her neighbors witnessed it.  Gardner is concerned the police will no believe her.  That is a legit concern since something similar has happened before.  Back in 2018 a person posted photos claiming their front porch was stolen.  After about 6,000 likes and 30,000 shares the truth came out.  It was in fact a hoax.  You can see that full story by clicking here.

We have no way of knowing if this a hoax or not.  Why would someone take a porch unless it was a prank?  Here are the before and after pictures that India posted on Instagram.

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A post shared by India (@thatsindiaaa)

Here's a video that India posted on Instagram of her porchless home in Detroit.




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A post shared by India (@thatsindiaaa)

No police report has been filed at this time.  I can not stress enough, we have no way to verify if this is legit.  One thing that makes the story a little more suspect is the fact that there is now a gofundme to raise $1,150 to build a new porch.

Here's some bonus footage from the Daily Mail's YouTube page:


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