I really like living in Lansing because many neighborhoods remind me of growing up on the south side of Chicago. Not only the homes, alleys, and neighborhood bars, but just the feel and atmosphere.  As kids, we use to be able to do play football, baseball, and frisbee in the alley and on the street in front of the house.  Always a lot of fun. the streetlights were so bright that we could play well into the evening and our parents were happy because they could keep an eye on us.

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Why It's Dark In Some Lansing Neighborhoods

Well, kids in some Lansing neighborhoods are not going to be able to play any sports in front or back of their homes at night because streetlights are broken and aren’t getting repaired according to wilx.com. Many, Many streetlights in the Potter Walsh neighborhood on Lansing’s east side were out as Wednesday night.

An accident waiting to happen,” said LaSandra Jones who’s lived in the neighborhood for 30 years. She’s also been reporting streetlights that don’t work for a couple of years. Well, You can turn the corner and see why the crime is so high, It simply comes down to safety, from criminals and drivers. With it being dark, they wouldn’t be able to see kids, they wouldn’t be able to see people crossing the street, said Jones. Kids are crossing the street. Cars speed and it’s very dark in the neighborhoods at night.

What To Do If You Have A Problem.

You can report it if there are problems in your Lansing area. Stuff like streetlights being out, potholes, and sidewalks, you can file a complaint at Lansing Connect.

Let's stay safe and look out for everyone this summer.

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