In the last 20 years, I have lived in many cities being in this crazy business called radio.  Philly, Las Vegas, Tampa, and Washington D.C.  20 years ago I worked in Detroit and lived in Farmington Hills and who knew I would end up back here in Lansing.

Now I have to be honest, I really loved it when I was in Tamps/St Pete, but there is something special about living in Michigan. The people are great and it really has a special kind of charm, not to mention there is so much to do here. Plus it is a lot easier on the wallet.

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Michigan A Great State To Live In

It's true Michigan has the best and most affordable cities to live in and enjoy all seasons. Check it out, agrees its landscape is diverse, ranging from industrialized skylines to sweeping sand dunes to wide-open spaces, waterfalls, and in my opinion some of the best lakes in the country. Spring and summer are incredible here in the Mitten.

With the 10th highest population in the United States—thanks in part to Detroit, whose metro area is home to over 6 million–Michigan also offers a multitude of quaint towns and suburbs with average costs of living that are far below the national average. Many of these cities also boast a low crime rate, ample employment opportunities, and a high satisfaction rate.


The 10 best & most affordable cities to live in Michigan are;

    • 10. Menominee
    • 9. Jackson
    • 8. Springfield
    • 7. Albion
    • 6. Iron Mountain
    • 5. Battle Creek
    • 4. Manistee
    • 3. Kalamazoo
    • 2. Muskegon
    • 1. Lansing

Number 1 Kids

How about that, Lansing coming in at Number 1.  So if you know anyone looking to relocate to a great state and a great place to live let them know Michigan is the place.

If you could have a 2nd home in another Michigan city, where would it be?

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