Plain, Salted, sesame, everything, or pretzel... apparently, no matter what flavor your choose, there's no going back to store bagels once you've had a Crusty's Bagel.

The Lansing State Journal reports that Charlotte man, Chris Murray, could soon be opening a store front for his delicious Crusty's Bagels. At the moment, Murray makes all the bagels by hand in his kitchen with a six-and-a-half quart mixer, pumping out 240 bagels a day. Those bagels then get hand packaged and sold at Murray and wife's farm stand on Lansing road. However, the bagels are soooo popular (so popular in fact, that they've sold out of all 240 bagels within mere minutes before) that Murray is hoping to open up a store front so his business can grow.

If Murray receives approval for a zoning change at the location he wants, we could see Crusty's Bagels open up before the end of the year at 200 North Cochran in Charlotte. That would spell good news for those that now refuse to purchase store bought bagels after having eaten Crusty's Bagels... which has actually happened... Dawn Hundt and her family don't buy the store bagels anymore. To find out more about Chris Murray's story, click here. And if you want to order some bagels from Crusty's Bagels, click here.

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