Carrie Underwood is currently on her massively successful Cry Pretty 360 Tour, showing off her powerful vocals night after night, but you won't find her making the same moves.

"I can’t really do [choreography]," Underwood admits in a new interview with Pollstar. "Any time I’ve tried, it’s never felt right — and the vocals suffer. There are certain places you have to be for certain things, sure, but that just happens."

The singer, who is well regarded as one of the best vocalists in country music, wants to make it clear that singing is a full body experience: "I definitely use my whole body."

"I have involuntary body spasms when I sing, which is funny because I don’t realize it when I’m actually singing," she shares. "When I look back at performances on TV, and I didn’t realize, it sort of catches you."

However, for Underwood, focusing on body movements detracts from getting into the songs, which is why she doesn't choreograph her stage moves.

"When you do, it becomes awkward,” she says. “If I think about it, I notice my limbs. Then it’s a whole mind game. My best performances are when I’m lost in the songs. Just surrender to the music, really throw yourself into it."

The superstar isn't the only member of her family that is on top of their game when they are in the zone, as her husband, and retired NHL player, Mike Fisher is the same way. "My husband talks about it, too. How when he goes out to play hockey, it’s always best when he’s just in the zone," she says.

Underwood is set to conclude her Cry Pretty 360 Tour later this month on Oct. 31 in Detroit. Following the conclusion of her tour, she's signed up to host the CMA Awards as she does every year, but this time, instead of Brad Paisley, she'll have Dolly Parton and Reba McEntire by her side.

The CMA Awards will air on Nov. 13 on ABC at 8PM ET.

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