For things like walking a dog to biking, hiking or running, the MacCready Reserve was always a favorite spot in the Jackson area.

Now, according to WILX-TV, the park is closed until further notice.

The reason? The Land Management Office of Michigan State University, who owns and oversees the property, shut the area down due to unleashed dogs roaming around and also due to vandalism. MSU has also stated that the vandalism has had a direct effect on a research project that has been going on at the Reserve. The area will be closed until the research project can be completed.

The MacCready Reserve features over six miles of trails within over four hundred acres that include area wildlife, natural springs, forests and land with gentle changes in elevation that makes it perfect for the outdoor activities that people have enjoyed there over the years.

Get more information here from the WILX-TV website about the closing of the McCready Reserve.

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