I really am a fan of all animals, especially in the wild. Fun watching them as well in their natural habitat, as well as hearing about them and all of natures wildlife.  So, fun watching all those animal stories and documentaries on the National Geographic, and Animal Planet channels.  I could watch for hours.  There are quite a few you can stream now days as well.

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according to fox47.com the state of Michigan is seeing an increase in some unusual wildlife. In 2020, there has been 14 confirmed cougar reports.

Cody Norton from the Michigan Department of Natural Resources says all except one were spotted in the Upper Peninsula. It is the most in a single year since the Michigan Department of Natural Resources started keeping track. Norton noted that before 2008, the DNR didn't have a reliable way of documenting cougar sightings, even when signs pointed to the sightings being genuine. In response, a cougar team was started to track of the tips.


Crazy how they keep track of all of this, but Technology has made tracking easier over the years. These days they have trail cameras, and of course everybody has a cell phone in their pocket, so they can snap some incredible pictures, and they have lately.

Cougars are Michigan's natives, they are most often found in North America, Central and South America, but it has not always been that way. They vanished from most of the eastern US by the late 1800s," Norton said.

He also said says hunting and the change in the ecosystem has contributed to the population change in the state. There isn’t any evidence of a breeding.


If you think you see a cougar, you can report your sighting to Michigan.gov/cougars.

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